“You Must Pay 300 To Be A Member Of My Church Every Month” Pastor Kiengei Tells His Church Members

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If you’re familiar with the realm of social media, the name Pastor Ben Kiengei probably rings a bell. He’s a noteworthy figure in the religious domain, having swiftly risen to prominence due to his unwavering dedication and diligent efforts. His journey from humble beginnings to a position of influence is nothing short of inspiring.

Back in 2020, Pastor Ben was officially ordained at the AIPCA Church, where he faithfully served as a pastor until relatively recently. However, a new chapter in his spiritual journey began when he decided to step away from AIPCA and establish his own congregation, named the Jesus Compassion Ministry. Astonishingly, despite its relatively recent inception, this ministry has already amassed over 500 devoted members.

During one of the congregation’s Sunday gatherings, Pastor Ben addressed the prerequisites for individuals seeking membership within the Jesus Compassion Ministry. Notably, he highlighted the necessity of obtaining specific membership cards, which come in two tiers: one priced at 6,000 units of currency and another at 5,000 units. This card serves as an essential identifier for every individual affiliated with the JCM, even extending to those who engage with the ministry’s content via JCM TV’s online platforms.

Emphasizing the significance of this affiliation, Pastor Ben outlined a monthly contribution requirement of KSh 300 that each member is expected to fulfill. He stressed, “Every month, we will be monitoring the adherence to this financial commitment.”

Pastor Ben further elucidated that the aforementioned membership cards, priced at 6,000 and 5,000 units, play a pivotal role in maintaining a comprehensive database of JCM members. This applies universally, irrespective of whether one participates in the ministry’s services virtually or physically. The cards stand as a tangible testament to one’s affiliation with the Jesus Compassion Ministry.

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