“You Can’t Build A Kingdom With A Woman With Village Mentality” Samidoh Latest Post On Instagram

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Samuel Muchoki, widely recognized as the acclaimed Kenyan artist Samidoh, maintains an unwavering focus that shields him from the distractions of naysayers. This musical virtuoso is renowned for his exceptional fusion of traditional Kikuyu melodies with contemporary genres like Rhumba and Benga. His inventive and multifaceted approach to music production has cultivated a dedicated fanbase that extends well beyond the African continent.

Samidoh is united in matrimony with Eddy Nderitu, and together, they have been blessed with three children. However, presently, their relationship is strained due to recent developments. Samidoh introduced Karen Nyamu as his second wife, leading to a contentious situation. Eddy voiced her objection, citing her reluctance to raise their children in a polygamous family.

Just a few hours ago, Samidoh took to Instagram to share his thoughts on women, eliciting a myriad of reactions and sparking speculation among Kenyans. In a video post, he asserted that constructing a lasting kingdom is implausible with a woman who possesses a narrow, village-centric mentality and predominantly seeks validation from her village peers.

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