Witnesses allege Why Jeff Mwathi Who Died at Dj Fatxo’s Kasarani Apartment Wanted to Kill Himself

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The story revolves around the untimely demise of Jeff Mwathi, whose passing occurred in puzzling circumstances within the Kasarani apartment complex, formerly inhabited by DJ Fatxo. Those who were acquainted with Jeff have suggested that he might have contemplated taking his own life due to the strained relationship between his parents.

Concurrently, Jeff’s family has contested these assertions, asserting that Jeff was not inclined towards self-inflicted harm. Jeff’s mother, who once confronted DJ Fatxo during a radio call, has adamantly upheld that her son, who was engaged in interior work at DJ Fatxo’s residence, was not suicidal. She has even gone so far as to insinuate that DJ Fatxo and his companions might have played a role in her son’s demise.

Addressing DJ Fatxo directly, Jeff’s mother has voiced her conviction: “You are aware that you are responsible for my son’s death, and that is precisely why you documented numerous videos. You understand what transpired with my son. Why would he go to your residence with the intention of ending his own life? In your perspective, he may have seemed suicidal.” She further maintains that even if DJ Fatxo didn’t directly cause her son’s passing, he is harboring undisclosed information.

The circumstances of Jeff Mwathi’s demise involve the discovery of his body within the basement of the building previously inhabited by DJ Fatxo, just a day prior to commencing his work there. DJ Fatxo, initially considered a prime suspect, was ultimately cleared by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). In a recent statement regarding the case, DJ Fatxo conveyed his decision to pardon those who had hastily judged him.

“I have extended forgiveness to all who prematurely passed judgment on me. The DCI’s investigation, conducted recently, exonerated me,” DJ Fatxo declared.

As time has progressed, reports indicate that numerous witnesses familiar with Jeff have come forward, suggesting that his demise might have been a result of his parents’ fractured relationship. Additional intricacies of the case remain to be unveiled.

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