What The Police Have Found About The Missing Pastor Who Was Found Dead

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Based on our reliable sources, a startling development has emerged in the case of the pastor whose lifeless body was discovered on the shores of Bao Beach in Kimbewa, Kisumu, following his mysterious disappearance. James Ochola Osewe, the late pastor in question, vanished on the 26th of August, prompting an immediate search by concerned friends and family. Two days later, his remains were located at Bao Beach under circumstances that have yet to be definitively explained.

The exact cause of James Ochola Osewe’s passing remains undetermined as of now. Law enforcement authorities involved in the investigation are currently exploring two primary possibilities: the notion that Ochola might have taken his own life or that he tragically succumbed to the waters of the nearby lake, possibly drowning. These hypotheses are primarily driven by the timing of the discovery of the deceased individual.

Before his untimely demise, James Ochola Osewe held the role of a preacher within the Apostolic Church Rare situated in Kagwel village, where he faithfully served the congregation.

In light of these events, the police have taken swift action, transferring the body of the deceased to a mortuary where it awaits a thorough autopsy examination. Dedicated investigators are diligently working to unravel the enigma surrounding the man of faith’s passing, striving to ascertain the true circumstances that led to the loss of this spiritual figure.

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