What Mathe wa Ngara Did After Another Woman Was Arrested instead of Her

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Mathe wa Ngara, the individual suspected of involvement in drug-related activities and apprehended on Monday, August 21, 2023, had a prior interaction with law enforcement before her apprehension. As per her legal representative, Danstan Omari, she communicated with a female officer at the Muthaiga Police Station on two occasions. During these calls, she sought to establish her innocence and pleaded for the release of another woman who had been mistakenly detained in her place.

The woman in question, Teresiah Wanjiru, was arrested on Tuesday, August 14, 2023, in a slum located within Ngara. Upon her arrest, law enforcement uncovered both cannabis and a sum of Ksh13 million in cash. Wanjiru was accused of assuming the identity of Mathe wa Ngara, an alias attributed to Nancy Kigunzu—a well-connected businesswoman with purported ties to the police service.

Kigunzu, asserting that she was a target of her business competitors, expressed regret to Wanjiru and implored the police to release her. On the day of her own apprehension, Kigunzu initiated a second call to the same police station. However, the particulars of this conversation remain undisclosed. Currently, Kigunzu is confronting charges related to drug trafficking and money laundering.

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