The story of Ngesh”Kaveve Kazoze”hitmaker Facts, Fame & Story 2023

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Ngesh, also known as Kaveve Kazoze, is a Kenyan female rapper who gained fame in 2023 through her distinctive lyrics on the track “Rieng Genje” by her music group, Spider Clan. The unique lyrics showcased her rap skills and quickly propelled her to overnight stardom. Born Mary Wangeci Wamithi in 2001, Ngesh is a rapper, entertainer, and member of the Spider Clan based in Naivasha. She co-founded the group with her brother Mwasray in 2023, releasing two successful songs. Ngesh, who began her musical journey in 2022 with the solo project “Dem Dem,” traces her roots to Naivasha’s rural areas. Despite challenges, she pursued her passion, even engaging in hawking business in Nairobi. The turning point came when a satirical Instagram post by Nairobi Gossip Club thrust her into the limelight. Amid both positive and negative reactions, Ngesh’s popularity soared, and her music, including “Rieng Genje,” rose to great heights. The song hit the top charts in Kenya, gaining over a million views on YouTube and sparking a TikTok challenge that marked a breakthrough in 2023.

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