The Alleged Reason Why Denis Mutara Has Been Sick For A Long Time

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Denis Mutara, a renowned Kikuyu gospel artist with a thriving career spanning three years, has been grappling with a mysterious illness that has confounded physicians despite their efforts to diagnose it.

Yesterday, a concerned friend named Karangu Wa Muraya paid a visit to Denis at his home after becoming aware of his deteriorating health. Upon seeing Denis in person, Karangu was deeply alarmed, as Denis appeared unable to sit upright without assistance. Troubled by what he witnessed, Karangu took photographs of Denis’s condition.

Intriguingly, another well-known Kikuyu gospel artist, Charles Wachira, weighed in on Denis’s ailment after examining the distressing photos. Charles posited that Denis was not merely afflicted by a common physical illness; rather, he believed Denis was engaged in a spiritual battle against malevolent forces.

According to Charles, there existed dark, demonic altars that were actively eroding Denis’s life and well-being. In his opinion, the only viable solution for Denis’s affliction lay in the intervention of powerful spiritual leaders capable of dismantling these sinister altars and restoring Denis to health.

Now, Charles urgently implores Karangu to take Denis to a divine sanctuary, a sacred space where they can enlist the aid of spiritual leaders in confronting the spiritual affliction that has befallen Denis.

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