Sarafina Salim Hits At Kikuyu People Hours After Akothe Used Kikuyu Songs In Her Wedding Unlike Them..

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Sarafina Salim, a well-known Kikuyu secular musician, has gained popularity through her hard work and determination. She has made a name for herself by speaking the truth without fear of consequences. As a social media user, you have probably come across her at some point.

Recently, Sarafina took to her Facebook page to talk about the wedding of Akothe and her husband Omosh. She praised the couple for their beautiful wedding and the way they enjoyed Kikuyu Ohangra music. However, she also took the opportunity to criticize her fellow Kikuyu people for not supporting their local musicians.

Sarafina pointed out that Kikuyu people often play foreign music, such as Celine Dion and Westlife, at their weddings, instead of promoting their own local artists. She also commented that Kikuyu people often try to impress others with English, neglecting their own language and culture. Sarafina encouraged her followers to play local music at their events and embrace their cultural heritage.

This post sparked a lot of discussion in the comments section, with many people agreeing with Sarafina’s sentiments. Some argued that it’s important to support local musicians and preserve one’s culture. Others felt that it’s okay to mix different types of music at events and that it’s a matter of personal preference.

Overall, Sarafina’s post highlights the importance of promoting and supporting local artists and preserving cultural heritage. It’s a reminder to celebrate and embrace diversity, including language and music, instead of feeling the need to conform to Western ideals.

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