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Sammy Irungu is a Kenyan Kikuyu musician. He is the second born in a family of three, two brothers and a sister. He is now working in a manufacturing company as an accountant in Nairobi.

In his career, after 1998, he was not able to continue to secondary school, instead he found a new line of work as a hotelier in Nakuru, where he cooked mandazi and chapatis. While still in Nakuru, he joined praise and worship team that was owned by the turned entertainer Benson Gathungu Kamau aka Muthee Kiengei guka wa Nairobi and he was the minister at that point while Sammy was driving the praise and worship. He later met an Akurinu top pick part, Allan Aaron whom they teamed up and worked on their vocals.

Sammy later got a job in Mang’u where he sold soup and Mutura at night, at a Little Joint. He used to bring home a total of Ksh. 700. When the Little Joint shut down, he moved to Nairobi, Maili Saba in Dandora where he leased a 200 monthly mabati house from 2005 to 2006. He could move to Donholm each morning to work as a ‘kijana ya mikono’ at mjengo destination. A portion of the works Sammy did then incorporate the development of the Harambee houses in Donholm and the Manyaja region.


Sammy Irungu was born in 1983, Olenguruone, Nakuru.


He is a married man and has blessed with two adorable children.


Sammy’s life made a blooming shift One day while driving gestures of recognition at a Kesha in a Dandora church, a person he has never met requested his contact. Few days later, he got a call with the guest asking him how long he would sing without a break and he said that he could sing for even 10 hrs. He got a new line of work to sing at Inooro FM from 10Am to 12 noon on Sundays. He sings for 8hrs every month that was from 2010 till now. He was paid Ksh. 30,000 as a beginning pay monthly.

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