Samidoh’s cousin, Bernice Saroni, advises dramatic baby mamas

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Bernice Saroni, a Kenyan music promoter based in the United States, has shared valuable advice for mothers on maintaining harmonious relationships with the fathers of their children. In a TikTok video, Saroni highlighted the importance of fulfilling maternal responsibilities, emphasizing that a mother’s commitment to her duties fosters lasting love from her child.

Furthermore, Saroni stressed the significance of allowing fathers to actively participate in their children’s lives if they express a desire to do so. She pointed out that many women hope for responsible and engaged co-parenting from their child’s fathers.

Saroni discouraged unnecessary drama when an ex-partner seeks to spend time with their child and moves on in their personal life. She urged mothers to differentiate between being together and separating, advising against scrutinizing their ex-partner’s actions or relationships.

Instead, Saroni encouraged mothers to concentrate on their own path. She discouraged using derogatory language or pressuring the child for information about their father, emphasizing that such actions only cause more pain.

Saroni reminded mothers that even though their ex-partner may no longer love them romantically, they still love their child. She urged them to distinguish between the roles of a spouse or partner and that of a parent. Trying to prevent the child from being with their father would not lead to reconciliation between the former couple.

Recently, some male celebrities have shared their challenges in maintaining healthy relationships with their children due to conflicts with their child’s mothers. These disputes sometimes escalate into legal battles, with celebrities expressing their frustrations on social media platforms.

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