“Rudi Nyumbani Tafadhali” Samidoh Message To Wife Edday Nderitu

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Mugithi artist Samidoh has unveiled his latest musical creation, “Wendo,” featuring the melodious vocals of songstress Joyce Wa Mamaa. The online realm is buzzing with fervor as fans immerse themselves in this captivating composition.

Within the lyrics of the song, the Mugithi maestro conveys a heartfelt missive to his beloved wife, Edday, who embarked on a journey to the United States a few months prior, accompanied by their trio of cherished offspring.

Samidoh, through his musical prowess, endeavors to reconcile with his spouse after a recent altercation. He tenderly reminisces about their shared journey and urges her not to relinquish their enduring bond, even recounting their humble origins. The singer candidly discloses having sought her parents’ blessing for their union, underscoring the gravity of their unity.

“In this composition, I beseech your return, to foster the nurturing of our progeny,” Samidoh earnestly imparts.

While the song exudes a profound sentiment, Samidoh has yet to affirm whether this harmonious creation is an ode dedicated to his dear wife, Edday.

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