Reactions As Karen Nyamu Updates Her Instagram Profile Photo With An Adorable Photo Of Her Family…..

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has started a new chapter in her life, as evidenced by her recent Instagram profile update. The photo shows her, musician Samidoh, and their child posing adorably together. This comes after weeks of drama surrounding their relationship.

Edday, Samidoh’s first wife, had publicly criticized Nyamu, calling her an immoral person who doesn’t respect her family. Edday shared that her marriage had been full of pain and humiliation for the last three years. Despite this, she claimed that she remained loyal to her husband and supported his work.

Edday also mentioned that Karen Nyamu is ten years older than her, and that she refuses to be her co-wife for this reason. She shared that her marriage was good before a third person came into the picture and ruined it.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship became public in 2019 when she became pregnant with their first child. She later gave birth to another child, whom they named after Samidoh’s mother.

One of Karen’s fans, Marine, reacted to the news with a Luhya proverb, which suggests that a man who marries a second wife will likely continue to marry more wives and have extramarital affairs. The proverb warns against feeling superior for being the second wife, as there may be more to come.

Despite the drama, Karen Nyamu seems to be embracing her new beginning, as she shares her happiness with her followers on social media.

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