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The career of DJ Faxto in the Mugithi music industry has been plagued with bad luck and has been characterized by a series of unfortunate events. His journey in the industry has not been a smooth one as misfortunes have followed him throughout.


A clear example of this is when the police disrupted his music launch event last year, the first mugithi event to be canceled in the history of kikuyu events , The event was scheduled to take place last year, but the police disrupted it citing non-compliance with COVID-19 protocols. This incident is noteworthy because it was the first time that a mugithi event had been canceled in the history of Kikuyu events. The cancellation of the event caused disappointment and frustration among the fans and the organizers, as it was expected to be a significant event in dj faxto career.

Recently , In the aftermath of Mwathi’s death, DJ Fatxo has become a person of interest in the investigation, and this has resulted in several companies severing ties with him due to the negative publicity.

Dj faxto , is rumuored that recently broke up with his long-time wife  which may had caused a setback in his career. While the exact nature of this break up is unknown, it is clear that the emotional toll of the break up may be taking a toll on his work and career.

More recently, DJ Faxto has found himself in an unwanted spotlight following the death of Jeff Mwathi. The incident has caused him to lose a significant number of fans, and many have expressed their disappointment and outrage on social media.

Despite these challenges, DJ Faxto remains focused on his career and is determined to overcome the setbacks and make a name for himself in the Mugithi industry.


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