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A storekeeper is responsible for managing and organizing a company’s inventory of goods and materials. The job description for a storekeeper typically includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Receiving and inspecting goods: Storekeepers are responsible for receiving and inspecting all incoming goods, checking for damages, and verifying that the items match the purchase orders.
  • Storing goods: Storekeepers must ensure that all goods are stored properly and safely in the warehouse or storage facility.
  • Issuing goods: Storekeepers are responsible for issuing goods to other departments or customers as per the requirements.
  • Inventory management: Storekeepers are responsible for maintaining an accurate inventory of all goods and materials in the store.
  • Documentation and record keeping: Storekeepers must maintain accurate records of all goods received, issued, and in stock. This includes creating and updating purchase orders, invoices, and delivery notes.
  • Stocktaking and reconciliation: Storekeepers must regularly perform stocktaking and reconciliation to ensure that the inventory records match the actual stock levels.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Storekeepers are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the warehouse or storage facility.
  • Coordinating with other departments: Storekeepers must coordinate with other departments, such as purchasing, sales, and production, to ensure that the inventory meets the needs of the business.

Following safety and security protocols: Storekeepers must follow all safety and security protocols in the warehouse, including wearing protective gear, following proper handling procedures, and ensuring the security of the inventory.

Overall, a storekeeper is a crucial member of a company’s operations team, responsible for ensuring that the right goods are available in the right quantity at the right time, and that the inventory is managed efficiently and accurately.

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