PooršŸ˜„DJ Fatxo losingšŸ˜“followers on YouTube..

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The page currently has 148,000 subs meaning that it had been as high as 150,000 days ago. DJ Fatxo is popular on the video platform with his videos accumulating over 20 million views so far.

Calls for justice for the late Jeff Mwathi who mysteriously dropped from multiple floors of a residential building around USIU have gotten so loud that the Interior Security ministry was forced to weigh in

Fans are leaving DJ Fatxo’s YouTube page in droves after rising anger about the mysterious death of young Jeff Mwathi.

Internet sleuths have now noticed that DJ Fatxo’s YouTube subscriber numbers are shrinking. By the last count, an Instagram page tracking the count dished that the page has shed about 2,000 subscribers since the scandal went mainstream a couple of days ago.





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