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t’s 1pm and Titus Wanjohi is getting concerned. For the last 10 minutes his phone calls have gone unanswered. He keeps trying on each of his six mobile phones with singular determination.

Then, after  a while he says: “They rarely take calls at lunchtime.”

“They”, refers to four Gikuyu radio stations that Wanjohi, known to fans as Wanjohi wa Kigogo-ini, calls every day to offer his views on a variety of topics. As a result, thousands of listeners recognise his piping voice.

Titus Wanjohi, known to radio stations and fans alike as Wanjohi wa Kigogoini is an interesting young man. Born and bred in the green sprawling hills of Kigogoini village in Tetu Constituency  roughly 8 km west of Nyeri town, he is one of five children of Mr. and Mrs. Shem Ndung’u, small scale farmers in Kigogoini village.

Wanjohi, schooled at  Kigogoini primary, a few meters away from the home he grew up in finishing class eight in year 2004, but due to lack of funds, was unable to continue further. He was employed about 2 years later by a neighbor, Mrs. Alice Murage, where he has worked as a farmhand, a job he holds to date. Wanjohi says his aunt, showed him how to make the radio phone-ins.

He promptly bought himself a phone a few months into employment and started calling in.

The popular young man, always armed with 2 phones, is not choosy and never shies away from calling any Kikuyu FM station, and his comments range from the serious to the downright amusing. “I once called a children’s show and the presenter, of course in jest, called me an old child” (in vernacular) he says as he chuckles.

Wanjohi Wa Kigogoini Beautiful daughters

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