People That Jane Suspects Murdered Solomon and the Reason Behind it.

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The recent installment of the television series “Jane and Solomon,” aired on Citizen Television, has left a multitude of viewers with more questions than answers. The climax of the episode, where Karis, one of the assailants, was apprehended, provided a detailed narrative of the events, unveiling Jane Muthoni, the wife of Solomon, as the mastermind behind her spouse’s murder.

The initial attempt on Solomon’s life took place on a Friday, as the couple entered the premises of Kiiru School. Unbeknownst to Solomon, Karis and Isaac from the Kiiru gang were concealed in the back seat of the Toyota that Jane was driving. Jane instructed them to stay hidden until a predetermined signal indicated their involvement in the task. After a brief interval, Jane returned to the car and informed them that the administered medication may have proven ineffective, leading her to suspect foul play. She made a second attempt, but eventually concluded that it wouldn’t have the desired effect on Solomon, causing her to abort the mission.

Karis and Isaac, also present in the vehicle, decided to abandon the operation due to its failure. Karis claims that the dogs grew suspicious, barking in the direction of the car, possibly sensing something amiss. At around one in the morning, Jane drove them to Kiria Ini and subsequently left the school grounds. When questioned about the unusual timing of her departure, Jane’s explanation lacked conviction. She attributed her actions to feeling unwell and needing milk and medication, which were not available within the school premises. Solomon suggested that she obtain these items from an external pharmacy. This decision raised skepticism among viewers regarding Solomon’s choice to let an unwell Jane venture out alone at night in unfamiliar surroundings.

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