PCEA Church In Thogoto Exposed By BBC After Doing This To the Elderly

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PCEA Church in Thogoto is facing intense scrutiny over alleged mistreatment of the elderly in their care. Recently, a BBC Reporter uncovered distressing conditions at the church-run care home for the aged, where staff members have been accused of physically abusing the elderly residents, even resorting to caning.

Disturbing reports from the BBC reveal that the care home has also been guilty of neglecting the elderly residents, a shocking revelation given its affiliation with the church. The mistreatment of vulnerable individuals under their care has raised serious concerns and cast a dark shadow over the church’s reputation.

Adding to the country’s worries, President William Ruto has publicly addressed the issue of cult-like incidents, emphasizing that the government will not tolerate a repeat of the tragic Shakahola massacre. In this horrific event, a cult leader named Paul MacKenzie allegedly convinced his followers to fast to death, claiming they would meet Jesus after passing away.

In response to the Shakahola massacre and other instances of dangerous preaching, President Ruto has taken a strong stance. He has ordered the police to apprehend all rogue preachers operating in different regions of the country. This operation has drawn attention to the actions of renowned preacher John Pesa, putting him under scrutiny.

Furthermore, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has publicly declared that the government will not permit the release of pastor Paul MacKenzie, who is believed to be responsible for the tragedy in Shakahola.

As the investigation into the mistreatment of the elderly unfolds and the government takes decisive action against rogue preachers, the nation watches closely to see how these serious matters will be addressed.

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