Pastor Kiengei On Why He Opened His Church,“I Spend 63,000 Per Sunday And The Church Pays Me 3,500”.

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If you are a social media user you must have come across pastor Ben Kiengei at some point. He was working under AIPCA church before moving to start his own church which will be launched today.

According to him, he said that he needs independence to be able to serve and help the less fortunate in the society which is turning impossible under AIPCA church. According to him, he said in one Sunday he spends approximately 63,000 but the church pays him around 3,500 because in AIPCA offering and tithe doesn’t go to the pastor but to the church committee.

Apart from received that money, he has 36 students in national secondary schools and 3 in university he is supporting and he therefore needs a lot of fund to sponsor them and at the same time feed the hungry in the society which had turned him into a begger. He therefore decided to start his own church where offering and tithe will always go back to the community to help them live a descent life. Watch the full video below.

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