Nyce Wanjeri AKA Shiru😜 Joyfully shows off her pregnancy saying: it’s the blessing God refused to hide!

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The actress is in a really good place as she goes about her second pregnancy

• The couple is expecting their first child together soon.

Nyce Wanjeri and her boyfriend Leting Kipkemboi are increasingly enjoying their pregnancy, five weeks after revealing that they were expecting a child together.

Yesterday, Wanjeri uploaded a picture together with her lover and said that the pregnancy is not something one can conceal because God himself decided that it must be seen by everyone, everywhere she goes.

Her caption began with;

“Hii ni blessing moja yenye Mungu alikataa kuficha 🔥🔥🔥….. Alisema popote utaenda kila MTU anajua uko Na blessing.” (This is one blessing that God refused to hide 🔥🔥🔥….. He said wherever you go everyone knows you are blessed)

The artist wished her followers good luck and God’s blessing to flow to them as clearly as a pregnancy which is clearly visible.

“May your prayers be answered in public ndio Mungu aoneshe umaarufu wake Na wewe 🙏.Trust God to take you through it all…. He is more powerful than anything else 🙏.You are a blessing in Jesus name … Amen ?”

In February this year, the couple announced their pregnancy and Wa Njeri is expecting a second child.

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