“No Talent in You” Renowned Kikuyu MC Critiques Mzimamzima

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For those attuned to social media, especially TikTok enthusiasts, a viral video featuring the prominent MC known as Zaku berating Mzimamzima for her perceived lack of talent might have crossed your path

Mzimamzima, a notable figure in the Kikuyu secular music scene and a sports presenter on Kameme FM, also boasts a significant presence as a social media influencer, amassing a substantial following across her various online platforms. However, amid this acclaim, a well-known Kikuyu MC, Zaku, has voiced his opinion that honesty should prevail: Mzimamzima’s talents might not lie in singing.

Zaku, asserting that a different path might be more suitable for Mzimamzima, urged for a shift away from singing. He cautioned against the raucous applause she receives on stage, suggesting that it might foster a misguided belief in her musical prowess when, in his perspective, such prowess is lacking.

“Mzimamzima, your talents aren’t musical – singing isn’t your forte. It’s time to explore alternative avenues. The fervent cheers from your supporters can lead you astray, giving you a false sense of your musical abilities,” he candidly remarked.

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