Netizens React After Samidoh Finally Posted His Baby Mama Karen Nyamu On His Social Media….

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amous Mugithi musician Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, has caused a stir on social media after he posted a photo of his baby mama, Karen Nyamu. Karen Nyamu, who is also a nominated senator, had earlier shared a throwback photo of herself with Samidoh on her Instagram stories. The photo, which was taken in June 2022, showed the couple posing together.

The post by Samidoh was a rare one, as he has always kept his private life away from the public eye. The ‘Mumbi’ hit maker not only reposted Karen Nyamu’s photo on his Instagram account but also captioned it with a heart emoji.

Fans were quick to react to the post, with many congratulating the couple and wishing them well. Some also expressed surprise at the revelation that Karen Nyamu is Samidoh’s baby mama, as the musician had never spoken about his relationship with her before.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s relationship has been a topic of discussion on social media for some time now, with rumors of a possible romantic involvement between them. However, the two have always remained tight-lipped about their relationship, until now.

Samidoh, who is known for his hit songs such as ‘Wendo Wi Cama’ and ‘Niwe Ndarathimiirwo’, has been a force to reckon with in the Mugithi music industry. His unique style and powerful voice have earned him a huge following both locally and internationally.

Karen Nyamu, on the other hand, is a lawyer and a politician, who was recently nominated to the Senate. She has been vocal about issues affecting women and children in Kenya, and has also been a strong advocate for social justice.

The couple’s revelation has caused a buzz on social media, with many fans eager to learn more about their relationship. Some have also praised the two for coming out and showing their love for each other, despite the challenges they may have faced.

It remains to be seen whether Samidoh and Karen Nyamu will continue to share more about their relationship in the future, but for now, their fans can only hope for the best for the couple.

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