Muthiora­čś▓Drops Photos­čś«From Eliza’s Crime Scene­čś│Alleging How A Cover-up Was­čś│ Planned

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For the past few days kenyans have been following closely a developing story where a well-known pastor was reportedly murdered inside Kikuyu Musician’s house

According to sources, Dishon Murigi could have killed his lover before moving around with her body inside his vehicle.

Now questions have been raised as to why he moved the body away from the crime scene and if it was possible Elizabeth Githingi did not commit suicide as alleged.

Whistleblower Simon Mwangi Muthiora who exposed some interesting details about Jeff’s death has now revealed that the crime scene was tampered with.

  • Sharing photos of the scene, Muthiora has said that by the look of things that crime scene was a major joke.

Muthiora is now calling for justice saying that life is precious and no one should kill as they wish.

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