Meet Nyambu Of Ithaga Riene In Real Life, Her Real Name, Children, And Her Side Hustle

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Nyambu is a famous actress who gathers a huge number of followers on all her social media platforms including Facebook, she acts in a famous Kikuyu tv series called Ithaca Riene meaning someone’s love or lover which is aired on Inooro Tv every Friday night after 7 pm news.

Nyambu’s real name is Magdalene Njeri, she was born and raised in the central region of Kenya specifically in Muranga county. Details about her parents are not much known but they are both alive, this was known as she posted a video of her with her parents during her homecoming ceremony.


About children, Nyambu is a mother of three children, two, boys and a girl whom she acts in the Ithaga Riene series. This child is her last born.


Apart from being an actress, Nyambu is also a YouTube, her channel goes by her acting name Nyambu Official channel. She also does voice-overs.

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