Mathee Wa Ngara’s Daughter Arraigned in Court After Being Arrested By Police

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Teresa Wanjiru, apprehended by law enforcement officials in Ngara, has voiced allegations against the police, claiming they attempted to involve her in a case involving the wanted drug dealer, Mathee Wa Ngara.

According to information from a credible source, Teresa Wanjiru was detained by police officers who asserted that they found Ksh 12 Million concealed in sacks along with narcotics.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the National Police Service corroborated this news via their respective social media channels. They stated that they discovered Ksh 12 Million at the suspect’s residence, where she was purportedly engaged in drug trafficking across various parts of Nairobi.

Disputing these assertions, Teresa Wanjiru’s family and friends have rejected the allegations of her involvement in drug trade. In the most recent update, Teresa Wanjiru was presented in court alongside two other individuals, both of whom are minors.

Curiously, these events unfold concurrently with the police’s pursuit of the actual Mathee Wa Ngara, a notorious drug dealer. Public response to Teresa Wanjiru’s arrest has been vocal on various social media platforms. Kenyan citizens have urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the National Police Service to address claims that they might be attempting to falsely implicate Teresa Wanjiru.

Many members of the public are also urging these authorities to clarify the discrepancies in their statements regarding the amount of money allegedly seized from the suspect’s residence.


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