Loise Kim’s Reply To A Man Who Asked Her To Love Him

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Loise Kim, the renowned Kikuyu gospel artist, has risen from humble beginnings to widespread acclaim, all due to her unwavering dedication and diligent efforts. In an impressively short span of time, she has amassed a substantial fan base, drawn in by both the depth of her lyrics and the captivating beauty of her singing voice. Recently, she took to her Facebook page during her leisurely stay in Mombasa, reflecting on the subject of love.

With a contemplative tone, Loise pondered the trajectory of first love and its initial sweetness that often graces the onset of marriages and relationships. Amid the scenic backdrop of Mombasa, her words resonated deeply with her followers, sparking a lively discussion in the comments section. Amid well-wishes for a good night, one particular follower stepped forward, attempting to seize the opportunity.

This follower expressed the sentiment that if Loise herself wasn’t certain about the whereabouts of that initial love, perhaps she could consider embracing him for who he is, despite his lack of material possessions. In response, Loise delivered a tactful reply, citing the words of fellow Kikuyu musician Kuruga Wa Wanjiku, who advocated for entering love with a foundation of financial stability. In her response, Loise conveyed that she wasn’t inclined to undertake the role of someone’s stabilizer in matters of the heart.

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