Little Known FACTS About Martin Wa Janet Second Wife Bitty wamaitha

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Martin wa Janet is an Akorino popular gospel artist. He is also a journalist. He works on Kameme tv, where he presents a show called “Kigooco” meaning ‘praising’. Martin is loved and admired by many for his charming looks and his good singing voice.

Martin Wa Janet got married to his first wife called Ruth, they were blessed with twins. They later got divorced because of their differences. Martin then got married to his beautiful second wife who is not an Akorino. Let’s get to know some little-known things about her.

Her name is Bitty Wamaitha. She is a beautiful Kikuyu woman. Bitty was born and raised in Kiambu county. Bitty is a Kikuyu gospel artist who is loved and admired by many for her mouth-watering beauty and her melodic voice.

A few weeks ago Bitty posted a photo of herself claiming that she wants to change to an akurino woman. This photo got hilarious reactions others said that she looked beautiful with a turban while others advised her not to become an Akorino. It was later confirmed that she was just clout-chasing.

Before getting married to Martin Janet, Bitty got two handsome boys from her previous relationship. She prefers keeping her children private.

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