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Angel Waruinge is one of Kenya’s most talented actresses. She is famously known as Miss Morgan of Tahidi High. Miss Morgan was a no-nonsense deputy principal who hardly ever smiled in the high school drama. She played her role exceptionally. Students kept their distance when she passed by since she was not the type to mess with. Angel, on the other hand, is a laid-back, intelligent, and easygoing individual.

She planned to marry her baby daddy, but it did not work out because he was not the right man. They were engaged and planning to marry. But because she cancelled the engagement, he became an irresponsible father.

Elders warned her father against accepting the bride price. They advised him not to take the dowry due to his history with women; this was all true, as she later discovered. When she turned down the opportunity for him to be Miss Morgan’s husband, her daughter’s father decided to cut her and their child out of his life.

Waruinge courageously revealed how she battled depression and alcoholism during her worst days. She admitted to drinking when things did not go as planned.

She also stated that she is currently enrolled in a two-year psychology degree, which she says allows her to use her prior experiences to teach future generations. Angel’s battle with depression and alcoholism has been well-documented; yet, what was never mentioned in any of the stories was how she managed to turn things around and avoid the dreaded “rock bottom.”

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