Lang’ata Cemetery Grave Costs

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This piece of writing sheds light on the grave charges at Lang’ata Cemetery, which happens to be one of Kenya’s largest public cemeteries. The County Government of Nairobi is responsible for its management.

Lang’ata Cemetery Cremation Charges

The County Government of Nairobi has been urging individuals to consider cremation due to the limited space available at Lang’ata Cemetery. Cremation charges Kshs 16,500 for adults and Kshs 12,000 for children.

In general, the process of cremation involves exposing the body to high temperatures, open flames, and evaporation within a specifically designed furnace, with the ultimate goal of reducing the body to its basic elements.

Lang’ata Cemetery Grave Costs

The cost of graves can vary depending on the type, including both permanent and temporary graves.

  • Permanent Graves

Permanent graves typically have a lease period of 99 years, during which time it is possible to bury loved ones on top of each other in the same plot.


  • Adults: Kshs 30,500 – if the person died within Nairobi County
  • If the person died outside Nairobi County: Ksh 40,000
  • Non-citizens: Ksh 50,000
  • Children: Ksh 4,000.
  • Infants: Ksh 2,000.

(ii). Temporary Graves

Temporary graves, on the other hand, are typically shallower (around 4 feet deep) and can be reused after a certain period of time, usually around 10-15 years.

Lang’ata Cemetery Permanent Grave Costs
Adults who died within Nairobi County Ksh 30,500
Adults who died outside Nairobi County Ksh 40,000
Foreigners Ksh 50,000
Children Ksh 4,000
Infants Ksh 2,000
Lang’ata Cemetery Temporary Grave Costs
Adults Ksh 7,000
Children Ksh 4,000

How To Make Payment At Lang’ata Cemetery 

Visit the cemetery funeral superintendent’s office located at City Mortuary along Ngong Road.


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