“Kiengei Amesema Ikue Mapema”Keziah Wa Kariuki After Pastor Ben Wished Their Daughter Happy Birthday

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Keziah Wa Kariuki, a renowned Kikuyu radio host and influential presence on social media, stands unwavering in the face of negativity. As a devoted mother to two daughters, she shares her firstborn with none other than the famous Kikuyu gospel musician, pastor, and radio personality, Muthee Kiengei. Their harmonious co-parenting journey shines through their heartfelt social media updates.

Recently, Pastor Ben took to his Facebook page to extend warm birthday wishes to their daughter, a gesture that filled Kenyans with joy. Kiengei expressed his profound optimism for her future, recognizing her as a young woman of both intrinsic value and hope-inspiring beauty. He earnestly implored God to safeguard her destiny from potential diversions, to shield her grace from future challenges, and to protect her confidence from envious eyes.

A few hours later, Keziah Wa Kariuki graced her official Facebook page with a heartfelt birthday message for their daughter. She rejoiced in the fact that their princess had matured, emphasizing that God had vigilantly watched over her throughout her life. In a light-hearted tone, she playfully acknowledged that Pastor Ben Kiengei had chosen to celebrate the birthday a bit earlier than planned, humorously noting that she had no qualms with his decision since he is the father. Keziah also revealed that their daughter would soon turn nine, cheekily requesting Kiengei to bring her a Juke as a gift. Kiengei affectionately responded to the post, addressing her as “mum” and expressing his intent to provide their daughter with a top-notch education before considering the Juke. The Kenyan community came together to shower their daughter with birthday wishes, all the while admiring the seamless co-parenting journey of this remarkable duo.

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