Kiambu Lady,86, Found Dead In Her Compound With Her Dog And Hens For 9 Months Without Being Noticed

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In a lesser-known neighborhood, Makongeni estate in Thika town, Kiambu county, a distressing scene unfolded as the lifeless body of an 86-year-old woman named Mercy Wambui was discovered in her compound, nine long months after her passing.

The woman’s son, who resides in Thika town, disclosed to a local media station that he had not seen or spoken to his mother for the past two years. He recounted an incident where he called her, only to be met with her harsh words, demanding to be left alone without any disturbances.

Interestingly, another son of Mercy, who works as a pilot for Kenya Airways (KQ), had been consistently sending twenty thousand shillings every month to her bank account. However, surprisingly, he had never bothered to call her to check if she had been receiving the money.

This grim discovery sheds light on the complex and distant relationship the elderly woman had with her family, leaving many questioning the circumstances that led to such a heartbreaking end.


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