Karen Nyamu Comes out Clean and Spills the Beans on why Edday Nderitu Relocated Into the USA

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Youth Senator Honorable Karen Nyamu has finally decided to reveal the truth about why her co-wife, Edday Nderitu, relocated to the United States of America. Tired of enduring persistent blame and trolling for what had been seen as her role in the alleged breakup of Benga Musician Samwel Muchoki’s marriage to Edday Nderitu, Honorable Nyamu is setting the record straight.

Karen Nyamu firmly distances herself from Edday Nderitu’s decision to move to the United States, asserting that Edday had her own distinct reasons for doing so, contrary to popular belief.

According to Karen, Edday’s move to the United States had nothing to do with her relationship with Samidoh, as this relationship had commenced five years prior, and Karen was well aware of it. This clarification implies that if Edday had intended to leave her marriage with the renowned Kikuyu musician, she would have done so five years ago.

The Youth President goes on to explain that Edday had always harbored a deep desire to live abroad, and this aspiration likely motivated her to relocate with her three children. Karen Nyamu, however, points fingers at Mr. Samwel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh, for the various marital conflicts, claiming that he failed in his role as a man to lead and manage his family.

In a recent announcement, Edday, currently residing in the United States, clarified that she was not part of a polygamous marriage. This declaration led many to interpret it as a sign of her separation from Benga Musician Samidoh. Edday even went a step further by enrolling her children in a school in the United States, indicating that her return to her home country was not imminent, as initially expected.

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