Kahawa West: 22 Year Old Man Brutally Beaten By Fellow Men For Dating 42 Year Old Woman

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In a disturbing incident, Promise Karanja, a 22-year-old Kenyan man involved in a relationship with Terryanne, a 42-year-old woman, became the victim of an assault by unidentified individuals. Promise took to social media to share images, including pictures from his stay at Kenyatta University Hospital, showcasing injuries to his lips and referencing an Occurrence Book (OB) number from the Kahawa West Police Station.

According to the police report in the OB, Promise had been attacked by a group of men due to his relationship with a significantly older woman. Furthermore, the police document noted that these assailants had demanded money that Promise was receiving from the 42-year-old woman.

This distressing revelation triggered concern among Promise’s followers, leading to numerous inquiries about the situation. In a subsequent video posted on his channel, Promise recounted the harrowing incident. He explained that, while filming a video around 6 p.m., two young men suddenly approached them, addressing Terryanne disrespectfully and demanding that she buy them lunch. After providing them with some money as a gesture of goodwill, the men returned, this time threatening to steal their camera equipment unless they received more money.

Terrified and feeling cornered, Promise and Terryanne reluctantly complied with their demands. However, the situation escalated rapidly, culminating in the theft of their lighting equipment and camera. Promise bravely intervened in an attempt to protect Terryanne but ended up being assaulted and subsequently hospitalized.

Despite the traumatic experience, Promise expressed gratitude for the medical attention he received and extended forgiveness to his attackers. He also encouraged his subscribers to stay updated with his videos, demonstrating resilience and a determination to move forward from this unfortunate incident.

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