“Jeff Will Be Appearing To You Everyday” Jeff’s Grandmother Allegedly Curses DJ Fatxo

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After the video was posted online, it went viral, and many people were shocked by the intensity of the curse that Jeff’s grandmother had placed on DJ Fatxo. Some people even started sharing it as a warning to those who might have been involved in Jeff’s murder.

The next day, people started reporting strange sightings and occurrences that they couldn’t explain. Some claimed to have seen Jeff’s ghostly figure following DJ Fatxo wherever he went, while others reported hearing strange noises and feeling a cold chill whenever they were near him.

DJ Fatxo, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly paranoid and agitated. He couldn’t sleep, and when he did, he would wake up screaming and covered in sweat. He was always looking over his shoulder and couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Despite all his efforts to shake off the curse, it seemed to be getting stronger every day. Jeff’s ghostly figure was now appearing to him not just at night, but also during the day, and sometimes in broad daylight. The sight of Jeff’s ghost was becoming too much for DJ Fatxo to handle, and he finally broke down and confessed to the murder.

The curse had finally taken its toll, and Jeff’s grandmother’s prayers had been answered. DJ Fatxo was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Jeff Mwathi, and the ghostly sightings finally stopped.

Jeff’s family found some solace in knowing that justice had been served and that their beloved son’s spirit could finally rest in peace. Jeff’s grandmother, in particular, felt a sense of relief, knowing that her curse had worked and that her grandson’s memory would always be remembered.




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