Jeff Mwathi &😥 pillow allegedly with blood stains😳at DJ Faxto’s😧house.

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The probe into the mysterious death of a 23-years-old Jeff Mwathi in the house of Musician DJ Faxto recently took a new twist after detectives concluded their first phase of investigation.

As per their results, Jeff was killed hence refuting the earlier claims that he committed suicide. The detectives however updated the public that there were proceeding to their second phase of investigation before writing a report and presenting it to the Director of Public Prosecution for action.

Now, as the Jeff’s death continue to puzzle many, the whistleblower behind the Jeff Mwathi’s killing Simon Muthiora has emerged with another claim that DJ Faxto tampered with the murder evidence, the Pillow in his house which had blood stains allegedly after killing Jeff Mwathi. According to Muthiora, the use a liquid luminol technology can be used to prove the evidence of presence of blood stains in the pillow.

What is luminol and how is it used

Luminol is a powerful liquid utilized by detectives to trace bloodstains at the scene of a crime.

It is an essential tool in forensic science for detecting and analyzing blood evidence.

Intriguingly, luminol emits a blue light when it comes in contact with the hemoglobin in blood, even in tiny quantities.

One of the benefits of luminol is that it can detect blood that has been cleaned off of surfaces or hidden from sight. It can also be effective in identifying bloodstains that have been diluted or mixed with other substances.

For instance, if someone tries to clean bloodstains from the crime scene, the affected areas will often glow even after cleaning, allowing investigators to identify the areas where the crime may have occurred.

This is valuable information that can help determine the course of a criminal investigation.

To sum up, luminol is an important tool in forensic investigation. Its use in detecting bloodstains has helped to solve many crimes that would be difficult to solve otherwise.

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