Jeff MwathišŸ˜³Blogger Simon MuthiorašŸ™€Releases SneakšŸ„ŗPeek of CCTV on Day Interior Designer DiedšŸ˜¢

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Kenyans have been demanding justice for 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi, who died at DJ Fatxo’s house in an incident that has puzzled the nation

Blogger Simon Muthiora unveiled details of Jeff’s death and he is now releasing screengrabs of the CCTV footage from the fateful morning

Muthiora said time stamps from the CCTV showed there were two men in the house at the time of the young man’s death.

The Kenyan blogger who unearthed details about the death of 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi has released screengrabs of the Closed Circuit Television footage from the day the incident happened.

In his post, Muthiora said time stamps from the CCTV indicated that by the time Jeff fell from DJ Fatxo’s 10th-floor apartment, two men who had been left with him were in the house.

  • The two men, DJ Fatxo’s cousin and driver, have been mentioned several times as they are alleged to have been left with Jeff when the musician left the house in the company of three ladies an hour or so before the mysterious death.



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