Inooro TV Presenter Hellen Muthoni Emotionally Marks 25-Year-Anniversary Of Losing Her Dad

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Renowned media figure and Kikuyu songstress, Hellen Muthoni, commemorated the 25th anniversary of her father’s passing in the tragic August 7, 1998 bombing incident in Nairobi. The vivacious host of Inooro TV chose to honor the day in a deeply emotional manner, expressing her feelings through a heartfelt letter addressed to her late father, reminiscing about the immense void his absence has left.

In her poignant tribute, Hellen Muthoni not only conveyed the depth of her yearning for her father but also made a solemn pledge that should she have a son in the future, she would bestow upon him the name of her beloved father. Watching young daughters share special moments with their fathers often prompts her to reflect on the alternate life that might have unfolded had her father been there to share those moments with her.

A quarter-century has passed since the devastating Nairobi bomb blast tragically separated them. With each passing day, Hellen Muthoni holds onto the hope and prays fervently to mature into a woman who would make her father proud. She envisions a scenario where he would proudly escort her down the aisle, his heart brimming with joy, and where his name, “Baba Hellen,” would be a source of endless smiles on his face.

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