“I Was The First Blue Band’s Brand Ambassador” Karangu Wa Muraya Alleges

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Blue Band, a time-honored brand of bread margarine in Kenya, holds a cherished place in the hearts of many. The margarine’s fame can be traced back to an iconic advertisement featuring a young boy, none other than Karangu Wa Muraya.

In a recent post shared by Karangu Wa Muraya, a renowned Gospel artist and influential figure on social media, boasting a massive following across various platforms, he unveiled a remarkable secret. He boldly declared that he was the very same young boy who graced the Blue Band commercials many years ago.

Karangu reminisced about his role as the inaugural brand ambassador for Blue Band, solidifying his claim with the uncanny resemblance between his younger self and the boy in the advertisement. He emphatically penned, “So, even if I choose to remain silent, the truth remains evident. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, I proudly declare that I was the pioneering ambassador for Blue Band, and my assertion stands unchallenged.”

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