“I Only Have Three Questions For You” Muthoni Wa Kirumba To Bishop JJ While Launching His Show

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Yesterday, the esteemed Bishop JJ Gitahi unveiled his latest venture, “Uria JJ,” a show designed to provide Kenyans with a unique opportunity to seek answers to life’s pressing questions directly from him. This interactive show will be broadcasted live on various social media platforms, enabling Kenyans to pose their inquiries while Bishop JJ takes on the role of providing insightful responses.

The launch event saw a gathering of notable Kikuyu celebrities, including the well-known Kameme FM radio presenter, Muthoni Wa Kirumba. Muthoni’s reputation as a grounded individual, impervious to detractors, preceded her. She was granted the platform to address the assembled audience, and she did so with remarkable finesse.

During her speech, Muthoni shared a personal connection with Pastor JJ, revealing that they had become close family friends since their initial meeting several years ago. She commended Pastor JJ for entrusting her with his life story, emphasizing his remarkable journey.

Muthoni disclosed that she had three burning questions for the man of God. First, she inquired about the secret to extending one’s lifespan on this Earth. Secondly, she broached the topic of whether Pastor JJ’s wife had ever considered leaving their home. As for her third question, she tantalizingly reserved it for the forthcoming live broadcast.

In closing, Muthoni lauded Bishop JJ’s substantial contributions to the media industry, asserting that his legacy would be difficult to surpass, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

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