He enjoyed my company – DJ Fatxo says of Jeff Mwathi

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DJ Fatxo, a renowned Mugithi star, shared his account of being with Jeff during his final moments.

Recalling the events that preceded the unfortunate tragedy on February 23, Fatxo mentioned spending the day with Jeff, who was later found deceased at his home. Initially accused of being responsible for Jeff’s death, Fatxo has since been cleared of any wrongdoing and is now providing details of their day together in his first-ever interview.

According to the musician, their meeting that day was primarily focused on Jeff designing Fatxo’s store. However, their encounter did not unfold as planned since Jeff was preoccupied with other business deals he was attempting to finalize.

“We were just hanging out, and he expressed his happiness about spending time with me,” Fatxo stated. “I could understand his sentiment because, during my younger years, I also enjoyed the company of celebrities.”

Before parting ways and heading home in the early morning hours, as shared by the DJ, they visited various entertainment venues. Fatxo expressed his own contentment with their time together, stating, “I was pleased to hang out with him because, back when I was his age, I could relate to the excitement of being around celebrities.”

Fatxo made these remarks during an interview with Radio Maisha, shedding light on his perspective and the events leading up to the tragic incident involving Jeff Mwathi.

He enjoyed my company – DJ Fatxo says of Jeff Mwathi
He enjoyed my company – DJ Fatxo says of Jeff Mwathi

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