“He Can’t Even Walk” Heartbreaking Story Of Dennis Mutara Being Taken To Hospital By Karangu Muraya

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Yesterday, Karangu Muraya paid a visit to Dennis Mutara, a renowned Kikuyu gospel musician who had taken a hiatus from the music industry since 2017. Back in his prime, Mutara had been one of the most popular Kikuyu gospel artists, capable of filling Thika Stadium to capacity during his performances, with all his songs turning into chart-topping hits.

During Karangu’s visit, he was deeply shocked to discover that the once vibrant musician was now suffering from severe illness, rendering him unable to walk or perform even the most basic tasks independently.

Today, in the early morning hours, Karangu returned to Mutara’s home, accompanied by his sisters, with the intention of taking him to the hospital. It became apparent that Mutara was not only grappling with physical health issues but also facing mental health challenges. As they initiated a prayer session, Mutara’s emotions overwhelmed him, and he tearfully expressed his reluctance to go to the hospital under any circumstances.

Karangu Muraya, like an elder brother, persistently reassured and convinced Mutara of the necessity of seeking medical attention. Eventually, Mutara agreed to be transported to the hospital, despite his initial resistance.

Due to his inability to walk, they had to carefully carry him to the vehicle, with Mutara still pleading to be left alone. Karangu’s unwavering determination to uncover the root of Mutara’s ailments kept them on course. They reached out to Muigai Wa Njoroge and Solomon, Mutara’s closest friends in the music industry, to join the effort and persuade him to seek treatment.

Finally, they arrived at Metropolitan Hospital, where Mutara is currently undergoing medical care. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to this beloved man of God. The video of Mutara’s struggle left Kenyans in the comments section deeply saddened, as they reminisced about the Dennis Mutara they knew from years past, now confronted with such a challenging ordeal.

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