FINALLY;Kikuyu Celebrities Comes Into Rescue Of The Paralyzed Musician Ann Kariuki

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If you’re a frequent visitor to social media platforms, you’re likely familiar with the Kikuyu gospel artist Ann Kariuki. About 18 years ago, her life took a tragic turn as a severe accident left her paralyzed. Since that time, she has been unable to walk or manage daily tasks independently.

Recently, a group of Kikuyu musicians made an important announcement. They have planned a fundraising effort aimed at constructing a home for Ann Kariuki and providing her with the necessary support. Charity Waruinu shared that organizing this event was no small feat, but they are confident that with divine assistance, they will be able to provide Ann with a new home and the medical care she requires. Throughout these past 18 years, Ann Kariuki has relied on the kindness of her family and friends to secure housing.

Prominent figures such as Karangu Muraya, Pastor JJ Gitahi, Ben Githae, Shiru Wa Gp, Loise Kim, Betty Bayo, Ngaruiya Junior, Jane Muthoni, Mary Lincoln, Sir James, Martin Wa Janet, and numerous others are expected to be in attendance. The call has gone out to Kenyans to join in this fundraising endeavor. Mark your calendars for the 13th of August 2023, as the event will take place at the Prayers Beyond Boundaries Temple, led by evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri.

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