FINALLY!!! DCI rules­čĹĆJeff Mwathi’s­čś«case a murder not a suicide­čĹĆ

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So in Kenya it takes trending on twitter, protests and extreme activism for the DCI to rule a case a murder. Team Gey community @Heke @Agwambo and @miritiandes please enjoy your gey lovers coz their freedom is coming to an end. I also read that the driver of DJ Fatxo has an assault case after crushing balls of @Micymas for rejecting his advances. Yaani this group of faggots had gotten used to impunity. I wonder how many cases of murder were ruled suicides especially at Kasarani police station after money charged hands. The wickedness in this country is unfathomable.All I can say to the gey community is that everything done in darkness will come to light. Ngoma ici.

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