“Eddy Nderitu Blocked Me, Karen Nyamu Laments After A Fan Told Her This

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If you’re a regular visitor to social media, you’ve likely stumbled upon the ongoing love drama involving Samidoh, his wife Eddy Nderitu, and his former partner, Karen Nyamu. Samidoh shares three children with Eddy Nderitu, two daughters and a son. He also has two children with Karen Nyamu, named Samidoh Junior and Wairimu. Initially, Eddy vehemently opposed Samidoh’s decision to marry Karen Nyamu as his second wife, firmly stating that she had no intentions of raising her children in a polygamous household.

Upon Samidoh publicly declaring Karen Nyamu as his second wife, Eddy Nderitu made a life-changing move by relocating to the United States with their children. She vowed not to return to Kenya anytime soon, and she has continued to engage on Facebook as usual. Interestingly, whenever she posts, Karen Nyamu often follows suit, sparking reactions from fans. Karen, who holds a senatorial position, frequently shares updates from government functions and moments spent with her husband and children.

Recently, Karen posted a thought-provoking message on her Facebook page, expressing that the ultimate privilege in life is to be true to oneself. This post came shortly after Eddy’s own post, prompting one of his fans to comment on the apparent competition between them when it comes to posting. The fan humorously mentioned that they were now eagerly awaiting the “finals” of this virtual competition. Karen playfully responded, asking if she should refrain from posting when Eddy Nderitu shares his updates to avoid simultaneous posts.

She further revealed that Eddy Nderitu had blocked her on social media a long time ago, preventing her from seeing any of her posts unless others informed her of them. This intriguing online dynamic continues to captivate the attention of social media users, who eagerly watch as the story unfolds.

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