Edday Ndiritu Allegedly Allows Samido To Marry Karen As He Wishes

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Edday Ndiritu had once been the primary partner of Samido in a marital union that spanned a decade and a half. During this time, they became parents to three children. However, their relationship eventually unraveled due to Samido’s involvement with another woman named Karen. This affair resulted in the birth of two children between Samido and Karen. As a result of this betrayal, Edday made the difficult decision to end her marriage and departed from the relationship, relocating to the United States along with her children.

Interestingly, Gikuyu Online News’ YouTube channel reported that just recently, Muigai wa Njoroge hosted a traditional dowry ceremony to formalize his marriage to his second wife, Stacey. Among the attendees at the event was Samido, who, in his address, made a statement that suggested he recognized the path Muigai had chosen, implying that he might contemplate a similar course of action in the future.

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