Edday Nderitu Monday Morning Message on Worry and Prayers.

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Edday Nderitu, a prominent public figure and businesswoman hailing from Kenya, is widely recognized for her role as the spouse of renowned singer Samidoh Muchoki, with whom she shares three children. She also holds the position of CEO at Shirmic Limited Company, a firm specializing in real estate and property development.

Having been born 32 years ago in Nyandarua county, Edday’s journey to prominence began when she entered into matrimony with the popular Kikuyu musician, Samidoh, also known as Samwel Muchoki. Edday has consistently been a pillar of support for her husband throughout his musical career, actively participating in their shared business endeavors, including the founding of Shirmic Limited Company. However, her path led her to relocate to the United States of America at a later point.

Nonetheless, their marital journey has been marked by its fair share of challenges.

Edday Nderitu recently shared an insightful message on a Monday morning via her social media platform, sparking a considerable response from her followers.

She conveyed, “Worry is a dialogue you hold with yourself concerning matters that lie beyond your control, whereas prayer is a conversation you engage in with the Almighty, beseeching Him to influence what He can. ‘WORRY is a conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change. PRAYER is a conversation you have with God about things he can change. Have a blessed week ahead,’ ” as stated by Edday Nderitu.

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