DramašŸ˜œAIPCA bishop blasts Muthee Kiengei afteršŸ˜„launching his church…

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Pastor Ben Kiengei, popularly known as Muthee Kiengei, recently announced that he had quit the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Kibia Memorial Cathedral, where he was ordained to be a pastor.

Kiengei left Gatundu South Diocese Church, serving since 2020, to start his church.

The comedian-cum preacher did not reveal too much as to why he had left AIPCA.

In a recent video doing rounds online of one of the bishops at Kiengeiā€™s former church, the man of God blasts Kiengei for wanting to be promoted to bishop despite there being a protocol in the church.

ā€œIn independent church we have rich people who come to serve God with their wealth. There are celebrities in Independent church but we have to respect the system despite you being very big,ā€ he said.

Kiengei has since opened his church, Jesus Compassion Ministries International, and has hundreds of followers.

ā€œI want to be a bishop not to benefit myself but to serve a larger area. I have never eaten tithe for the past two years. I use eight cars daily, and the one that uses less fuel spends Sh3,000. All my team members are paid. Every Sunday, I spend Sh60,000, and the church has never funded me for that.ā€

Kiengei said he was paid Sh3500 after service every Sunday.


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