DJ Fatxo Reveals Opening A Kikuyu Radio Station In The UK

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Mugithi artiste DJ Fatxo recently opened up about his extended stay in England, where he had been for several weeks before returning to his home country last weekend. In an interview with online journalists conducted shortly after his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), DJ Fatxo shared exciting plans that had been brewing during his time abroad.

Revealing a remarkable collaboration with his manager, John Smith, in England, DJ Fatxo unveiled their ambitious project: the establishment of the first-ever radio station broadcasting exclusively in the Kikuyu language. “My manager’s name is John Smith, and he’s seizing a tremendous opportunity in England. To be candid, we’re embarking on a venture to launch a radio station—England’s first Kikuyu and African radio station,” Fatxo disclosed.

Addressing his online presence during his time in England, DJ Fatxo clarified that the lavish lifestyle he showcased, including the display of high-end cars, was actually attributed to his manager, John Smith. The opulent vehicles seen on the streets of England were owned by his collaborator.

Expressing his intentions upon returning to his homeland, DJ Fatxo emphasized his commitment to picking up where he had left off. He acknowledged that due to a lingering murder case saga, he had taken a brief hiatus from his music career, causing some of the excitement within the Mugithi industry to wane. However, he asserted his determination to reignite that enthusiasm.

Promising a vibrant comeback, DJ Fatxo announced his plans to release a new collaborative song in the upcoming week. He fondly referred to himself as the “Duke of Mugithi” and saw this forthcoming release as an opportunity to reinforce that moniker.

Furthermore, DJ Fatxo offered a thoughtful perspective, advising those who shared his line of work to exercise caution and compassion. He cautioned against inadvertently causing harm to others while striving to please the masses. In a reflective note, he urged everyone to cherish life above all else, reminding them that being alive is the most invaluable gift.

As DJ Fatxo returned home from his transformative journey in England, it was clear that his artistic vision and dedication to the Mugithi industry remained as strong as ever. With his aspirations for the Kikuyu radio station and his upcoming music release, he was poised to make a significant impact on both local and international stages.

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