“Congratulations” DJ Dibul To Be Featured In A Famous Inooro Tv Series

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If you’re an enthusiast of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, you might have chanced upon a recent post by a renowned actor from the show “Uriru Wa Wendo,” a popular series on Uriru TV. In this post, the actor unveiled an exciting development: the imminent inclusion of DJ Dibul into the show’s cast.

DJ Dibul, a well-known Kikuyu DJ, currently holds positions at both Kameme FM and Gukena FM. Beyond his radio roles, he has garnered significant fame as a social media influencer, amassing a substantial following across various online platforms.

The announcement was made by Steve Njogu, a central figure in the “Uriru Wa Wendo” series, which airs on Wednesday nights. Steve Njogu shared that DJ Dibul is slated to become a part of the show’s ensemble in the near future. Notably, DJ Dibul will be appearing alongside his spouse, Dorea Chege, also known as Tess.

“Exciting news: DJ Dibul is set to join the cast of Uriru Wa Wendo very soon. How do you feel about this addition?” wrote Steve Njogu, prompting reactions and anticipation from the show’s enthusiastic audience.

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