ConfusionšŸ˜³After Two Girls Claim to Be the LatešŸ˜„Jeff Mwathi’s Girlfriends

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Faith Wairimu, spoke to media saying she had been contacted by one of the two women who had been in the company of DJ Fatxo and Jeff at the Kikuyu singerā€™s apartment on the day Jeff died.

Faith Wairimu said she was called by a woman identified as Faith Mutanu asking whether she had seen Jeff. Mutanu told Wairimu that Jeff was missing and later claimed that he was suicidal.

In the interview, Wairimu said she had to leave work, to go look for Jeff since they were living together, she also informed Jeff’s brother that he was missing.

On March 13th, she shared a video having a good moment with Jeff and captioned it, ā€œAlways in my mind forever in my heart.

it has now emerged that the deceased was romantically linked to two women after another woman posted a video having a good time with Jeff, and another one holding his portrait from the day he was Buried. She captioned the video, “RIP I love you always in my heart my love. Am sorry, hope you find justice.”

Although Kenyans are confused about the turn out of events, they are hoping that Jeff will find justice and his family and loved ones will have closure.


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